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Thanks for clarifying.
Yes, this needs to be considered.

In my opinion it makes sense to remove the store apps and leave the native apps. This apart from user data.
However, I think there are some words said about it in system update concept. Where does this actually fit in? App layout or system update?

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On 23/11/15 12:27, Suma Shanbhog (RBEI/ECF4) wrote:
> Can you explain what is meant by data reset in the point below?

It's our equivalent of the "factory reset" in mobile OSs, for instance
"Settings -> Backup & Reset -> Factory data reset" in Android 5. I was
told this is a requirement I need to consider for this and related designs.

> Can you give me a usecase where data reset is done?

I believe the use case is something like this: I own a car that is based
on Apertis, drive it for a while, and then sell it. Before selling the
car, I want to remove my personal data. After the data reset, the
Apertis environment should be in the same state as if I had taken an
unused car of the same specification, brought it up to date, and not
done anything else.

The same mechanism might be useful for a related use-case: a car rental
company has some cars based on Apertis in their fleet. When each car is
returned after use, they perform a data reset to return the rental car
to a "clean slate" state for the next driver, with all preferences
returned to defaults.

I think these might mean we want most app-bundles to be deleted by the
data-reset (otherwise the new owner could tell a lot about me by
observing the set of installed apps), but we want to be able to flag a
subset of app-bundles that will stay?

In the "sell my car" use-case, we'd want to keep the preinstalled
app-bundles, perhaps any new app-bundles that were installed
automatically by OS updates, and perhaps any app-bundles whose licensing
is linked to the car rather than my store account.

In the "rental car" use-case, the rental company might install a store
app-bundle which adds their return locations as POI, which they'd want
to keep across a reset.

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