[Devel] New Apertis 16.12 stable release available

Emanuele Aina emanuele.aina at collabora.com
Fri Dec 16 20:43:45 GMT 2016

Hello everyone,
 the new Apertis 16.12 stable release is now available!

You can find the full release notes at 

Some highlights from this release:

* Stable application bundle layout
Version 1.0.0 of the Application Bundle Specification [bundle-spec] has
been published, which means that the layout of bundles is now stable
and that bundles that adhere to it are guaranteed to be installable on
any future release of Apertis with no changes.

* Web runtime
The first implementation of the Web runtime specification [web-runtime] 
has landed in Apertis 16.12 as a technology preview. Application
bundles can use the /usr/bin/bredon-0-launcher shared launcher to
exclusively rely on HTML/JS/CSS for their needs while still being able
to access all the native GObject-based APIs provides by Apertis through
the GObject-Introspection bindings provided by Seed. 

* Application store client
The old application store client implementation (Frome) has been
refreshed to take advantage of the recent development in the finalized
bundle specification, in the application manager (Canterbury) and in
the application mounter (Ribchester), while preserving the same D-Bus
API for applications.

[bundle-spec] https://appdev.apertis.org/documentation/bundle-spec.html
[web-runtime] https://docs.apertis.org/latest/web-runtime.html

The full release notes contain more details about all the work that has
been poured in this release:

Images are already available for download at

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Emanuele Aina

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