[Devel] Wiki spam protection

Sjoerd Simons sjoerd.simons at collabora.co.uk
Tue Jan 5 10:03:51 GMT 2016

Hey all,

As could be expected the spammers found our wiki (even though it hasn't
been publically announced). So I've put two measures in place to combat

First of all, to create a new wiki account a Captcha now needs to be
solved. This should prevent (most) bots from being able to
automatically register an account. Unfortunately spammers have been
known to defeat Captcha's (or even pay people to solve them), so this
just raises the barrier.

As a second measure, only users with confirmed e-mail addresses are
allowed to edit pages on the wiki. This should hopefully prevent spam
edits if a spammer gets past the account creation captcha. 

All that's needed to confirm an e-mail address it to hit the link in
the account registration e-mail. For existing accounts confirmation
status can be checked in the e-mail options section of: 

This page also allows one to request an e-mail to be (re)send for
confirming if that hasn't been done yet.

Hopefully this combination will prevent most if not all spam, if not
there are extra measure we can take but they get gradually more
inconvenient/cumbersome on the user/admin side.

Sjoerd Simons
Collabora Ltd.

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