[Devel] New Apertis 17.06 stable release available

Emanuele Aina emanuele.aina at collabora.com
Thu Jun 29 17:08:55 BST 2017

Hello everyone,
  the new Apertis 17.06 stable release is now available!

You can find the full release notes at

Some highlights from this release:

* Application framework for headless setups

A leaner version of the Canterbury/Ribchester application framework
that targets deployments not tied to the Milldenhall HMI is now part of
the release, making Apertis even more flexible.

* Apertis running in a container

Apertis can now be run in a LXC container and detailes setup
instructions are now available in the wiki.
In this release the application framework still depends on privileged
Btrfs operations, but the work to avoid that dependency has been
already landed in th 17.09 archives.

* Sample app-bundles 

Three new application bundles have been added to demonstrate how to use
simple web APIs over HTTPS, how to use platform services like Newport
and how to make app-bundles shipping an agent with no UI.

* AppArmor in full enforcing mode on headless images

AppArmor protection is now completely enforced on the minimal images
for headless setups, matching our security goals on that kind of setup.

* ARM64 support in development tools

An ARM64 cross-compiler is now available in the Apertis 17.06 SDK
images, ready to be used with the Apertis Development Tool and the pre-
generated ARM64 sysroots published on the Apertis web server, enabling
full app-bundle development for ARM64 targets from the Apertis SDK.

* Inter-domain communications

The inter-domain communications design has been expanded to cover
container-based setups, domains not running Linux or not running a
dbus-daemon, service discovery, and audio and video streaming across

The full release notes contain more details about all the work that has
been poured in this release:

Images are already available for download at

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Emanuele Aina

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