[Devel] New Apertis 17.12.1 stable release available

Emanuele Aina emanuele.aina at collabora.com
Mon Feb 5 15:03:30 GMT 2018

Hello everyone,
  the new Apertis 17.12.1 update to the stable release is now

You can find the full release notes at

In particular in this update the Bash shell is no longer being shipped
on minimal and target images, as Bash is now GPLv3 and those images are
meant to provide a reference for deployments where some of the GPLv3
provisions can be excessively challenging to fulfill.

This means that scripts relying on /bin/bash being available or /bin/sh
supporting Bash-specific features won't work anymore.

Those scripts need to be updated to use /bin/sh (which is now provided
by the Dash shell) and should only rely on POSIX shell features. 

The full release notes contain more details about all the work that has
landed in this release:

Images are already available for download at

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Emanuele Aina

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