[Devel] Apertis release candidate v2021dev3.0rc1 available for testing

Emanuele Aina emanuele.aina at collabora.com
Mon Sep 21 23:52:20 BST 2020

Hello everyone,
 the Apertis v2021dev3.0rc1 images for all the supported platforms have
been published:


Arm32 public

Arm32 internal


Compared to v2021dev1 this release:
* includes fixes from Debian Buster
* previews support for 64 bit ARM Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 boards
* OSTree signing mechanism aligned with upstream, which introduced a
  small API break
* moves LXC image generation to GitLab CI/CD
* ported most Mildenhall apps to Flatpak
* ships a new U-Boot version
* updates the Rhosydd data model to the VISS W3C specification
* drops the deprecated internal target images

Sagar, the test reports are below:

* https://lavaphabbridge.apertis.org/report/v2021dev3/20200921.1223
* https://lavaphabbridge.apertis.org/report/v2021dev3/20200921.1223/ostree
* https://lavaphabbridge.apertis.org/report/v2021dev3/20200921.1223/lxc
* https://lavaphabbridge.apertis.org/report/v2021dev3/20200921.1223/nfs


Emanuele Aina

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