[Devel] Use of LGPL-3 or GPL-2 dual-licensed Nettle on Apertis v2020 and v2021 images

Walter Lozano wlozano at collabora.com
Mon Nov 8 13:13:10 CET 2021

Hi all,

On 10/12/21 19:45, Emanuele Aina wrote:
> Hello all,
> the latest source code scan highlighted that the version of Nettle used
> on Apertis target images for the v2020 and v2021 releases is already
> subject to the relicensing to LGPL-3 or GPL-2 and it is no longer LGPL-
> 2.1 licensed as the metadata from the original Debian package sources
> indicated.
> This means that any program using libnettle, and by extension libraries
> like libgnutls, glib-networking and libsoup, has to be licensed under
> the terms of the GPL-2 or the terms of the LGPL-3 license should be
> applied to libnettle.
> This goes against the Apertis licensing expectations[1] therefore we
> are now working on a fix.
> The v2022 release channel is not affected thanks to the rework of the
> TLS stack usage[2] done in that channel. The recent documentation work
> helped raising the awareness of the issue, identifying its impact and
> the possible ways to address it.
> We currently plan to backport the changes from v2022 to v2021, and even
> v2020. Usage of libnettle and its reverse dependencies like libgnutls
> will still be subject to the LGPL-3 or GPL-2 dual-license, but
> libraries like glib-networking and libsoup will be moved to the OpenSSL
> backend to avoid the issue. Check the document about the TLS stack
> licensing[2] for further details.
> In case of any doubt, we are available for any inquiry and
> clarification about the impact of the issue.
> Thank you!
> [1]https://www.apertis.org/policies/license-expectations/
> [2]https://www.apertis.org/concepts/tls-stack/
The plan announced to backport the changes for the TLS stack [1] from 
v2022 to v2021 and v2020 has already been executed and new versions of 
the affected packages are already available for testing at v2021-updates 
and v2020-updates.

Under the scope of these change glib-networking was updated to 2.66 to 
properly support OpenSSL backend.

We encourage people to test the new packages in the v2020-updates and 
v2021-updates repositories. They will be folded in the main v2020 and 
v2021 as part of publishing the next official releases, v2020.7 [2] and 
v2021.3 [3].

In case of any doubt, we are available for any inquiry and clarification 
about the impact of the issue.

Thank you!

[1] https://www.apertis.org/concepts/tls-stack/
[2] https://www.apertis.org/release/v2020.7/release_schedule/
[3] https://www.apertis.org/release/v2021.3/release_schedule/

Walter Lozano
Collabora Ltd.
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