[Devel] Fixing messy git commit graphs in packaging repositories

Vignesh Raman vignesh.raman at collabora.com
Thu Feb 17 06:22:00 CET 2022

Hello all,

Due to some rough edges hit during the development of our tools over
the years, a few packaging repositories currently have rather confusing
git histories.

To make things easier to reason about, we decided to overwrite the git
commit graph pointed by the apertis/v2021 branches of the affected
git repositories.

The git histories pointed by the apertis/v2021 branches of the
packages below have been rewritten using git filter-branch to
completely disconnect them from the history pointed by the
apertis/v2022* branches:

  * https://gitlab.apertis.org/pkg/cppcheck
  * https://gitlab.apertis.org/pkg/eigen3
  * https://gitlab.apertis.org/pkg/fonts-freefont
  * https://gitlab.apertis.org/pkg/golang-github-modern-go-reflect2
  * https://gitlab.apertis.org/pkg/tinyxml2
  * https://gitlab.apertis.org/pkg/hidapi

The apertis/v2021 branches for the repositories below have been
fixed using git rebase to ensure the versions in debian/changelog
are monotonically increasing:

  * https://gitlab.apertis.org/pkg/cjson
  * https://gitlab.apertis.org/pkg/kissfft
  * <https://gitlab.apertis.org/pkg/kissfft>https://gitlab.apertis.org/pkg/exfatprogs

This means that git fetch and git pull on any of those repositories
will yield complaints about the history for the apertis/v2021 branch
having been force-updated.

No other branch is affected.

In particular the pristine-lfs and pristine-lfs-source branches are
not affected, and neither are OBS and the APT repositories.

The changes will be pushed 2 days from now and an email announcing that
the branches have been updated will follow immediately.

Let us know if there's any doubt or concern.

On behalf of the Apertis maintainer team,

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