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Subject: Debian derivatives census: Apertis: welcome!
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2016 10:23:45 +0800
From: Paul Wise <pabs at debian.org>
Organization: Debian
To: Héctor Orón Martínez <hector.oron at collabora.co.uk>
CC: debian-derivatives <debian-derivatives at lists.debian.org>

Hi Hector,

I would like to welcome yourself and Apertis to the Debian derivatives
census! Would you like to take this opportunity to introduce Apertis to
us all? 


I would encourage you to look at Debian's guidelines for derivatives:


You may want to look at our census QA page, some of the mails from
there may apply to Apertis.


You don't appear to be subscribed to the Apertis census page,
I've made a few changes to the Apertis census page:


I note that Apertis is based on Ubuntu. Are you planning on a
transition to being based on Debian?

Some of the Release files in the apt repository for Apertis are missing
the Valid-Until header, which allows clients to find out when active
network attackers are holding back newer Release files. At minimum,
rolling releases and suites containing security updates should have
this header. With reprepro you can use the ValidFor config option.


There doesn't appear to be a Apertis blog or a blog aggregator for
Apertis developers. If these existed they would be syndicated on Planet
Debian derivatives and would help the Debian community find out the
things that are happening in Apertis. I guess most of the Apertis folks
are already Debian developers and have blogs on Planet Debian anyway.


I'll see you at DebConf16! I guess we will hear more about Apertis
during the derivatives panel or a talk or lightning talk.


Thanks to Collabora (the Apertis corporate sponsor) for their generous
sponsorship of the annual Debian conference.


I would encourage any attendees to volunteer to ensure the continued
the success of the annual Debian conference, here are some examples of
things that need helpers.


I note there is a Debian pure blend related automotive applications
being worked on, have you considered collaborating with them?


I note that Apertis uses Xfce, I would encourage you to provide
feedback and fixes to the Debian Xfce team.


You might want to consider adding DNSSEC and TLSA records to your
domains. You might also want to add HSTS headers.

Please feel free to circulate this mail within the Apertis team.




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